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Pawseidon The Sire

His birthday is January 29, 2018

Piebald coat with blue eyes. 

Pawseidons Dad/Sire is CKC registered with champion bloodline located in central Florida.

Pawseidons Mom/Dam was born and raised in Ukraine and relocated in Colorado, with Ukrainian paperwork and champion bloodline going back four generations. 

At home Pawseidon has a dog brother, a cat sister, and two human brothers. 

He is amazing and caring with children. He really loves all the cuddles and extra snacks from his little humans. 

If you’re having an emotional moment, you can count on Pawseidon for a nuzzle or hug to help you feel better. 

Great with other dogs even cats, not great for protecting your farm animals, human must be present. Excellent for scaring bad guys away. LOVES the delivery person! 

He never howls, but talks back OFTEN. 

He’s good with loud noises, they don’t scare him. Thunderstorms, fireworks, vacuums etc are all good for him. 

He’s good with strangers as long as I’m comfortable with them. He can tell when I’m hesitant. He won’t go after another dog or a stranger but he’ll stand close and wait for my cue. 

He’s a great listener and very smart; he follows direction well, has a few tricks up his sleeve, but if he’s bored he’ll jump the fence and go for a run or swim…maybe chase some cows. 

Pawseidon is available and often chosen as a perfect sire due to his homely temperament. 

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