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Pirate's Sire Service

Pirate is an F3 (third generation) piebald Pomsky. He is embark clear of Genetic Health issues and abnormalities. 

OFA Eyes- Pending

OFA Hips & Elbows- 2024

He comes from the Pebbles & Nemo line. Pebbles is his mother, a piebald F2 pomsky and Nemo is his F2 teacup pomsky father, with the typical black and white Husky markings. Pirate's paternal grandparents are both teacup f1 pomskies. Both of Pirate's parents carry wooly coat genes.

Pirate has 1 brown eye and one bi-eye (blue and brown) but carries the blue eye gene (Ndup). Gene codes DD, Bb and non-merle.

We are expecting traditional black and white Husky colors and markings, piebald, and pure white pomsky 

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