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Bobby's Sire Service

Bobby is a 3 year old sweet tempered and calm F1 Pomsky. 

-Proven Pomsky stud f1-50% Husky/50% Pomeranian, 17 lbs. feel free to message for details.
-Can/has produced blue, lilac, chocolate, and agouti, Can pair with smaller husky females or Pomskies.
-Testing required for live pairing
-Shipped via shipmate
-OFA eyes, pass
-elbows(Prelim) pass.
-Pennhip 0.49-0.52 NO osteoporosis/osteoarthritis L/R.
-ofa hip prelim mild Dys L/
-Embark/ Ee, Dd(One dilute gene), spsp (Parti, piebald, extreme whites) mm, (NO merle)
- Will accept puppy back deals with a 500$ Non refundable deposit.
-500$ deposit upon pairing and 1500 when puppies are confirmed.

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