What is a Guardian Home?

A Guardian Home is a chance at owning an incredible, healthy, genetic defect-free, CKC registered puppy for half the price. 

We want to remain Kennel-free and only want our dogs in loving pet homes. You raise, spoil, love, and make endless memories with your puppy, and once a year, we breed her after she turns 2 years old and retire her around 5 years old.

Hands-Off Guardian Option- Witness the beauty of pregnancy but ultimately do not want to raise puppies. She would come back to stay with us for 8-10 weeks, from birth until the puppies are weaned and finished being socialized by their mother, and then return to your home to continue living her best life.

Hands-On Guardian Option- Experience the beauty of pregnancy, birth, watching your dog bond and take care of her puppies, assisting your dog as the puppies wean from her milk and more. We pay for all breeding and pregnancy related vet bills and you would be reimbursed for expenses as well as making a percent from the litter.

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