Juliet is our Siberian Alpha. Shes the big sister and knows it well. She is a highly intelligent and active dog that loves to be involved in outdoor activities. She loves swimming at the beach, but stands guard as we swim in the pool. She makes sure our pack doesn't drown and also like to tell us when its time to get out. She loves Hiking but it doesn't top the love she has for Kayaking. 

Juliet is a dog that loves to be on the move, whether its a nice walk or a car ride. As much as she loves her sister Nikita, she adores her 1 on 1 human time. Juliet also likes to play pesky games with our cat, but will allow him to win and then nose bump or snuggle up later. She is also fantastic with babies and kids, however she waits for our approval on an adult before she goes to sniff them out. 

While Juliet has a more self-sufficient personality, sleeping as a pack in our beds, or cuddling during nap time is her favorite routine that must be followed.

Check out our Gallery for a slideshow our favorite Juliet moments!

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