Nikita & Bobby's Pups (Three's Company)

Jack Tripper [SOLD]

Jack was our second born, and only male puppy. He has a very rare Wild Wolf Sable coat with a perfect white Husky mask. He was the second to open his beautiful Blue eyes, and third to take his first steps at 14 days old.

Jack is the most active and interactive of the puppy so far at 2 weeks old. He loves to climb all over his mom and sisters. He was the first to give a Husky howl as well as give kisses. He adores kisses and a chest scratch.

Embark Results:


F1b 71. 9% Husky/28.1% Pom

Wooly Coat 

Wild Wolf Sable- awat

Agouit kyky

Dilute Red Pigmentation 

Double Blue Eyes- Ndup


Chocolate, Beaver, and Cream Wild Wolf Sable- awaw; Flash, Parti, Piebald, and Extreme White- spsp


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