Nikita & Bobby's Pups (Three's Company)

Cindy [SOLD]

Cindy was our last born. She has a very rare Beaver Agouti coat with a prefect white Husky mask. She was the smallest of the litter and the last to open her beautiful Blue eyes.

She is the calmest, quietest and most content cuddling up in a lap or playing quietly with her favorite caterpillar toy.


Clear Genetic Health Panel 

F1b Wooly Coat

Dilute Red pigmentation

Double Blue Eyes NDup

Agouti (wild wolf sable) awaw kyky

Carries for:

 Lavender/Lilac, Liver, and Isabella -Dd, Chocolate, Beaver, Cream and Blue bb; Wild Wolf Sable- awaw; Flash, Parti, Piebald, and Extreme White- spsp



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